Privacy Policy

User Personal Information and Privacy Policy

Important note: In order to implement privacy policy, this "Personal Information and Privacy Protection Policy for Users of this game is hereby formulated.

This game specifically reminds users to carefully read the various provisions in this User Personal Information and Privacy Policy (minors should be accompanied by their legal guardian) and choose to accept Or do not accept this User Personal Information and Privacy Policy.

1. User's consent: Personal privacy information refers to information that can be personally identified or involved in personal communication, including the following information: user's name, valid ID number, home address, phone number, IP address, email address information. . Non-personal private information refers to the user's operating status of the software.

2. This game which will not upload any videos and images and any other data. Uses the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) to serve ads within the app and to indicate that the app installs a particular ad from a previous ad, and removes any information after use.




2、本游戏不会上传任何视频以及图片以及其他任何数据。 本游戏会使用广告标识符(IDFA)用于在App内投放广告以及标明此App安装来自先前投放的特定广告,用后即删除任何信息。